FACEBOOK AutoLike – Application for Automatic Prefers Statuses of your Friends on Facebook

Posted: Desember 28, 2010 in Uncategorized

For those of you the Facebookers, especially the JEMPOLERS MANIA may have often heard the term “like status” or “like comment” (thumb mark on every status and comments). Each JEMPOLERS MANIA should standby at the new status of his friends to the like for a friend who was replying thumb “JEMPOL” status as well. Replying to the thumb has become a routine activity in facebook for JEMPOLERS MANIA. Well, would not want you as the JEMPOLERS MANIA be perched on the porch and click on the words “like” on the status of friends one by one (swelling of the thumb, hehehe), though not exactly stingy thumb. Naaahh,,, Do you know if in fact there is no way that you do not bother to click on all of the words “like” each of the status of your friends one by one again. Here I will tell a special way to make your performance as JEMPOLERS MANIA.

This method actually I found long ago, when I’m talking to my cyber friend who was in Europe through facebook. Now I will introduce this in your application, especially the JEMPOLERS MANIA. This application is called Facebook AutoLike.

Check it out!

Note: Facebook AutoLike Application only be in use by Mozilla Firefox as browser support.

If you do not already have the Mozilla Firefox browser on a PC or laptop, click the link Download Mozilla Firefox and follow the instructions to install.

Mozilla Firefox screenshoot

Mozilla Firefox screenshoot

Measures put up AutoLike on your Mozilla Firefox:

1. Install Greasemonkey add-ons. Click the link Download Greasemonkey

Then the display will appear as shown below. Click the “Download Now” button (green)

Greasemonkey installation screenshoot

Greasemonkey installation screenshoot

2. Install Facebook AutoLike Application. Click the link Download Facebook AutoLike

And will appear as shown below. Click Install (green)

Facebook AutoLike Screenshoot

Facebook AutoLike Screenshoot

After that will appear as below

Facebook AutoLike Screenshoot

Facebook AutoLike Screenshoot

3. Restart your Mozilla Firefox.

Restart Firefox

Restart Firefox

Fcebook AutoLike Applications will appear on the left bottom of your facebook display.

Facebook AutoLike Home

Facebook AutoLike Home Screenshoot

Now you have  Facebook AutoLike application on Mozilla Firefox.

Be enjoyed….


  1. sayipul berkata:

    sepp dch untuk jempol mania na,,,

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